Tammy Holt ......She's what holds it all together.......Never gives up

I have dealt with Tammy quite a few times, she always responded to problems without delay.....She always gets the problem handled, she answers back to you almost instantly and never fails in her problem solving.......What more could you ask   ???      Are You Married ???  Only if she wants to be.      THANKS FOR HOLDING IT TOGETHER      Autospec
Tammy helped me in the last week or so and she has great problem-solving skills. Thanks go out to you Tammy.

Show you boss this thread!
And I thought it was just me she was being so nice and helpful to, but I guess it's everybody.....my feelings are hurt.
Tammy is the most informed person at Audiogon.
i only ask for her to get things done correctly.
Tammy fixed things for me when no one else could or would. I got the runaround until Tammy stepped in. Just looking for a certain degree of competence and efficiency. Thanks Tammy. 
WooHoo!  Total agreement.  Tammy is the best. Nothing but above and beyond from Tammy.
Fully agreed. Tammy has quality in work, competence and communication skills. She is the best!
I have dealt with her a few times in the past and agree that she is on the ball and very efficient. We're lucky to have her here.
Glad to hear Tammy's getting what she deserves....praise and recognition for being responsive and going above and beyond to make Audiogon a great place to trade.  Nice work Tammy!
Tammy's that person you wished were a relative. She's always responded in a positive manner and helped solve any problem I've had.

All the best,
There's not a week that goes by that Tammy doesn't help me out with a Audiogon problem........THANKS AGAIN
I agree with all of you, Tammy is awesome. My one thought is, seeing that she seems to be the person answering all my queries, is it like some current prolific authors. Is there more than one Tammy? Not trying to rain on the parade. Thanks Tammy, whoever you are!!
LOL, There is only one Tammy. That's me. 🙂