Talon Speakers

I just purchased some Talon Perigrine speakers and would like some help with a new amp, I am currently driving them with a citation 7.1 amp and it sounds terrible, I do use them for Home Theater also so power is a concern.
I know someone who has gotten fantastic results running Khoruses with a pair of Bel Canto EVo 200.2s in monoblock configuration(important to have good power conditioning though). Also, read the review by Srajan Ebaen on Soundstage!.com on the new 200.4, which may be an even better choice and a little cheaper. Best of luck.

I am driving a pair of Kohrus' with a mcintosh 7205 amp with excellent results. Also, suggest you let the speakers break in before forming a final opinion. The Talons dramatically improve as they break in. When the break in is complete nothing can beat their sound when connected to a high quality amp.
I would echo Dearle's comments. Check your owner's manual and note what they say about breakin time. Talon speakers take about 400 hrs to sound their best, according to the manual.
I have to wonder how my last comment could earn -2,-2. I'm answering the person's question. If you have a problem with what I said, state it.
Thanks everyone for your comments, I installed some oval 9 speaker cable and it made a big difference over the Tara labs that i was using.
I am currently using a pair of Monarchy SE100 Delux amps on a pair of Peregrines. The speakers have only been running for 96 hours straight, but it seems like an excellent match thus far. Between them is a pair of Straight Wire Black Silc speaker cables. It's been four days of "getting to know you" amongst my components, but insofar as the amplifiers ability to drive these speakers well, there are no problems. I'll keep you posted when these speakers finally break in so I can ascertain the chemistry between amps and speakers. I too am interested in this thread because if someone can recommend an amp that they feel is a better marriage than the current pair I'm using, I'd sure like to know about it. At the New York show I recently attended, a pair of Talons were being driven by Electrocompaniet NEMO mono blocks. The sound was excellent to say the least, but who has a wife that'll let em' drop that kind of cash on a pair of amps?
Maybe I should stick with the Monarchys' and upgrade the wife!
All suggestions welcome(about the amps!)