Talon Roc subs - worth it?

I'm looking for a pair of nice (powered) subs to fill in the bottom end of my ML ReQuests. I have heard the Talon Roc is quite fast, leading me to believe it may be more suitable for my system than other some of the other subs on the market. Howerver, the dichotomous reviews of the Khorus (here and at Audio Asylum) have left me uncertain as to whether the Roc is worth its price. How good is the Roc? How does the Roc compare to other subs in the $3-4k range that you have spent time with? What about the quality of the Roc's driver, amp/electronics, and overall construction? Do any of you have experience using the Roc with electrostatics? I will be grateful for any advice from those who have owned or seriously auditioned the Roc (and who are not affiliated with Talon or one of its competitors). Thanks, Don
I own the ROC It is the fastest most detailed sub i have ever owned. I've had the top of the line Velodyne, Muse, Sunfire and REL The ROC completely disappears yet the room is filled with dynamic low end reinforcement
One of the major home theater mags recently published a special edition containing all of the reviews of subs they have done over the past 3 years. The two subs which received the highest ratings for both music and video were the larger Velodynes and the Vandersteens.
That was Widescreen Review and your right on the Vandersteen but not the Velodynes. Check out the Mirage BPS-210 or BPS-400
If you can wait i would see how MArtin Logan them selves do with their own powered sub! It is rumored to be less than $3000, and will consist of three tens. I have seen drawings and it looks super cool.
There was another rave review of the Talon Roc subwoofer and the Genesis 928 from www.perfectvision.com.
I own a ROC and have matched it up with the Khite monitors. It is very musical to my ears. I regularly use it to listen to YoYo Ma and jazz fusion. It handles both very nicely. And it will rattle the walls for HT if need be.
Thanks for the good advice everyone.
I own M/L CLS IIz's. I've not heard the Roc, but I'm very content with the synergistic mesh created with a Genesis 900/CLS IIz combination. The 900 is the fastest subwoofer I've heard, and owned. Given that you're faced with the objective I was, needing something to quick enough to keep up with panels, I'd recommend landing a 900. The savings would be SUBstantial enough to justify the purchase of the 900.

Absolutely!! I bought two by way of Audiogon. Replaced three 18' Velodynes. As stated earlier these are tight and faster. Far superior to my Velodynes. They work great with my Bohlender Graebner ribbon speakers in my HT setup.
Follow-up: I wasn't able to audition the Genesis, Vandersteen, or Mirage subs (I'm sure they're very good), but I did get a chance to hear the Talon Rocs. I found them to be tight, very fast, and well built. So I bought two. Thus far, I'm very pleased. Thanks again for everyone's advice. Don