Talon repair parts etc

Does anyone have any idea where to get talon khorus
speakers repaired /parts etc since company apparantly
has closed No problems now just wanted info for
future reference Also would love a copy of khorus
manual if anyone would copy I would pay for shipping cost
I also have a pair of Talon Ravens.I plan to buy spare Woofer and tweeter for my speaker where can i source these
The ceramic and diamond tweeters/mids etc are made by Accuton-I believe.Madisound may be able to confirm this.
www,madisound.com OR 608-831-3433
One good thing about the high end audio industry is that the owner of the company usually has a personal relationship with his customers. When they go out of business they don't like leaving the customers "up the creek without a paddle."
Start with the companys original address and work your way back to the names of the people involved. Sometimes the person who was actully performing the repairs sets up a little business of his own a la Geroge Kaye of Moscode. The company may have an inventory of spare parts that was overlooked by the creditors.
Periodicaly the companys often rise like Phoenix from the ashes.