Talon repair parts etc

Does anyone have any idea where to get talon khorus
speakers repaired /parts etc since company apparantly
has closed No problems now just wanted info for
future reference Also would love a copy of khorus
manual if anyone would copy I would pay for shipping cost
You could try contacting Jim Ricketts/The Music House in Dayton,Ohio.He was the distributer.Or contact Lloyd Walker ,after he returns on June 9th:610-666-6087.Good luck.
Depending on the version of the Khorus you have you could likely get replacement drivers, at least for the tweeters, at www.madisound.com . I have the Peregrine X Mark IIs (they use identical woofers to the later Khorus models). I plan on taking the woofers out to Madisound in the next month to see if they have replacement woofers. They already supplied me with exact replacement tweeters. My speakers are driven very lightly and have zero problems. I just got the extra drivers just in case because I plan on having my speakers for a long time. Great speakers !

Is Talon Audio out of business? If so - yikes - I purchased some used Raven C's a few months ago. I hope these speakers last a long time, they are really nice. I really don't want to be SOL...
My conversations with Lloyd Walker,after his paetnership with Talon at one of the shows,seemed to indicate that Talon needed to restructure their business.Just because they are unavailable now,doesn't mean they are gone for good.I understand that the "Raptors" are under-going a re-design.
In the mean-time,the ceramic drivers are available after-market.Don't Panic-Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
I also have a pair of Talon Ravens.I plan to buy spare Woofer and tweeter for my speaker where can i source these
The ceramic and diamond tweeters/mids etc are made by Accuton-I believe.Madisound may be able to confirm this.
www,madisound.com OR 608-831-3433
One good thing about the high end audio industry is that the owner of the company usually has a personal relationship with his customers. When they go out of business they don't like leaving the customers "up the creek without a paddle."
Start with the companys original address and work your way back to the names of the people involved. Sometimes the person who was actully performing the repairs sets up a little business of his own a la Geroge Kaye of Moscode. The company may have an inventory of spare parts that was overlooked by the creditors.
Periodicaly the companys often rise like Phoenix from the ashes.