Talon Raven C VS Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Sig sys

Im looking to upgrade and was intrested in these two speakers. Ive owned the RefII for quite some time and love them. So Im familar with Ty's sound, but have not had a chance to hear talon raven C. Has anybody had a chance to hear both of these speakers? If so what are your opinions? I like speakers with a wide and deep soundstage with great imaging with fast controlled bass.
It is disconnected though sent by the money order.
The arrival is confirmed by EMS.
Please contact me if it is not a swindle.

Theta CasaNova " LOADED "
You should listen the Wilson Benesch Curves. Taking conventional drives, no brass, diamond or zircon and putting them into a Carbon Fiber Cabinet is miraculous. Most speakers are made of MDF which is just sawdust and mostly glue. There website is wilson-benesch.com. By the way I have listened extensively to the Ravens.