Talon Raven C vs. Tannoy 15 DMT's

To be driven by 2 Mc7100's in mono (200 watts per channel)..I am waiting for my used Talon Raven C's to arrive and all of a sudden a friend offers me some Tannoy 15DMT's....which I always liked.

Any opinions on what you would chose and why?
I have not heard the Tannoy's but being a Raven owner for the last 6 years I can say for sure that they are outstanding speakers! Wait till you hear the bass go down to 19 hz! I have had no desire to upgrade for all this time. Dynamic, extended, great sound staging, pristine, clear as a bell. These do everything right.

You have some great listening ahead of you.....enjoy
Thanks jaguar...I am looking fwd to them..but they get here in 3 weeks via truck from Chicago area...and I am some impatient sob!
I have had Raven C's for the last three years and they are amazing. On the used market, I don't think they have an equal. They need lots of power to sound their best (I have JC1's) so you have a very good set-up indeed.

These speakers are very placement sensitive so take your time during the set-up. They sound best if you give them some space.

Too bad my system is down for the count at the moment... sigh