Talon Raven C Speaker Cable recommendations please

i am looking for speaker cables for my talon raven c.
front end is sony 999 cd dvd sacd player modified by modwright.power comes from my tact m 2150.
i have analysis plus oval 8 now and am looking for something better without breaking the bank .lets say between 300$ and 700$ used.
i looked at : shunyata lyra
acoustic zen satori
any ideas and experience with ravens and speaker cables and their synergy are welcome.
Try DIY copper wire from Home Depot. I used 6awg multi- strand wire and twisted the pos & neg around each other say 10" and termiinated them with decent spades. The soundt was close to the Acoustic Zen Holograms I compared them to for $.19 cents per foot. There are a ton of DIY wire designs so try them out for yourself. You may also want to call Mike at Talon for his recommendations.

Happy Listening.
I used to run AZ Hologram II w/mine & was very happy w/the sound. supposedly hologram II was designed w/2 ways in mind.
I know the AP Oval 8 very well and i used it for months on my Raven C.
I think you should get your 2150 modified, that will give you more than a speaker cable change as the Oval 8 is already not bad at all.
I have Synergistic Research wire throughout my system and it is wonderful. Smooth, detailed, musical. My Raven C's mate well with the Synergistic products. MM