Talon Raven-C Owners please help

I have in my home right now a pair of Talon Raven-C speakers. I need some help with speaker cables. I tried my DIY cables that were recommended to me to use with my Pass Labs X-250 amp. I had comapred them to the Audience, Shunyata and Acoustic Zen Hologram mono speaker cables. They sounded better that the Audience and Shunyata at the time with my B&W matrix 803 speakers and were the equal of the AZ so I saved some money then. Now they seem to make the Talons sound too crisp/clear so I am afraid of long term listening fatigue. My friend lent me a pair of Analysis Plus Oval 9s and they seem to be overall smoother, more relaxed and more bass slam, but maybe rolled off the highs a little (for the better to my ears so far).

What are you using for ICs and speaker cables on your Talons and what have you compared them too. I am also intersted in knowing if you are using a tube amp and preamp that may also help to smooth out the sound.

Thanks and Happy Listening.
I have the Talon Peregrine X Mark IIs (last version). I have enjoyed great success with the Analysis Plus Solo Crystal interconnects and speaker cables. I use to have a variety of cables including the Analysis Plus Oval 9s (Solo Crystal 8s are tad more refined), Harmonic Tech Silway IIs. Overall I have enjoyed the AP Solo Crystal cables more than any other cable in my many concurrent systems in natural manner in which individual instruments tend to meld as a coherent whole rather than being unnaturally hyped as I have gotten from other cables.
I too have a pair of Raven C's. I have them connected to Electrocompaniet 220 monoblocks. Talon Audio supplied EC with a modification package that significantly upgrades the 220's sound. I am using Acoustic Zen Satori for speaker cables since the Ravens cannot be bi-wired. I am very happy with their performance. They deliver exceptional detail and transparency with great ability to drive the Ravens down to 19 hz. I listen to music for several hours almost every evening and have never experienced any listener fatigue whatsoever. BTW...I use AZ interconnects and speaker cables exclusively in both systems. Their ability to re-create music as it was intended to be heard is its greatest asset. Good luck in your quest for the right cables. My Ravens sound spectacular with the Satori.
HI Peter-

As you know, I have the Raven 2002's with CMRC crossover upgrade, so my tweeter is slightly different then yours. I drive them with a Pass X-250 amp as you do.

I am using the Shunyata Lyra spkr cable & Aries intercons, having replaced Analysis Plus Oval 9's and Copper Oval's. The Shunyatas & AP's seem to have similar basic sound characteristics to my ears - very neutral in general. But the Lyras provide noticeably greater speed, articulation, treble energy and details then the AP's, while maintaining mid-bass depth and smoothness. There is NO distinct brightness or edginess. Bass response and extension were quite good with both, as you have noted, though the Shunyatas exhibit tighter & more focused bass - of a more 'sophisticated' level, though a word like 'polite' is not really applicable. Keep in mind that I traded the AP's on the Lyras, so I didn't have enough time with both in the system to do complete comparisons before having to ship the AP's to the dealer.

I DO know that Grant from Shunyata has mentioned that their intercons, etc. do NOT respond well to cable cookers, due to the true litz design. The design also contributes to a pretty lengthy break-in period, so do not judge them too quickly. My Lyras went through some pretty wild mood swings before settling down.

I know that you have already auditioned the Lyras, but that was with a different setup, so you may want to try them again. Could I do it all over again, I would consider trying one of the higher versions of the Shunyata Constellation series cables - the Phoenix or Andromeda, as they are progressively thicker gauge and should have a bit warmer mid-bass. The Ravens could use a little of that.

I have also heard that the AZ Holograms & Satoris are quite good with Talons.
I'm using Talon Khorus with a Gamut SS amp, but never found them too hot on top. Had Analysis Plus Silvers for a while, and found them lacking drive--have used a lot of others including Satoris and Wireworld Silver Eclipse 3 and Talon Ghost cable (designed by the same person who designed the Shunyatas) which I really liked for the money (used). Actually, all were quite good.
Now using HMS Gran Finales throughout, which are the best I've heard so far in my system (and I think I'm done). The music passes through the mids with such ease and grace, the bass is robust and the highs shimmer with no harshness or glare. Highly recommended.

I believe you are right about the Ghost cable - it was a predecessor to the Shunyatas, and was designed by the lead engineer and co-founder of Talon, Tierry Budge (though I don't think he is still with Talon).

That is one reason I was elated when I bought my Ravens and found out that my just-delivered Lyras were designed by the same guy who created my Talons. They 'should' be a perfect match, though I have no proof that other cables would not work better.

Hey, its all a crap-shoot til you try it in your own system anyway.