Talon Raven-C OR Salk Song HT2-TL

Which is your choice for the best overall sounding speaker, but that can rock the house when you get that urge?
Never heard any Salks; I used to own the Raven C's but never quite had them set up in a system to hear them at their best. I always regretted that I sold them. I believe they are truly high end speakers and have a reputation for their strong bass performance and tweeter.
What electronics were you using with the Raven-C's?
It was at least 7 years ago, si I'm not sure; I think it was a Mcintosh MA6900.
I owned & really enjoyed the Raven-C's for a few years & ran them w/a Pass X250 & Pass X2 pre & later w/a variety of tube preamps. I once talked to the guys at Talon & they liked high current SS amps w/them & one they talked about was the Sim W-5. They thought my combo was a great one too. They can rock to concert level volumes w/absolute clarity no compression /distortion if you've got the right power & source.