Talon Raven C do they work at low listening levels

i have heard lots of good things about the ravens.
one question remains:
do they need higher volume levels to really shine or can i play them in an enjoyable manner (good resolution soundstage etc.)without disturbing my neighbour?
what would you say the raven sounds like if not played loud but at moderate levels?
any shared experience from talon owners is highly appreciated.
hello I had the ravens and scarpted the issue of low level detail and low volume with the ceramics not to goos ,I ended up buying green mountains for now- callistos which are great .he has several new models coming out in the next month .1st order , in phase and time done properly
makes a bid difference in everything ,and the less parts in the cross over the purer to this signal.+
all you recordings will sound better ,even the socalled bright ones ,that to is part os a good and bad speaker.