Talon Loudspeakers

Has anybody heard the Talon loudspeakers? Any thoughts? Especially the Talon Peregrine speakers ($6,000). Thanks.
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Philefreak - I think you will love the Llano amp(s). I'm using an S200 driven by a Joule Electra LA100 preamp. Very very nice. Look forward to your report. JB
Actually the Khites are remarkably good and frankly I prefer there sound to anything but the Khorus and the Peregrine. What is amazing is how well the Khite's will do low frequencies by themselves. With the Roc they make an awesome SAT/SUB system. Again the cool thing about Talon is that all there speakers have the same sound. The larger models are more dynamic, will play louder and have a deeper bass. The Khorus also has more upper frequency extension which is not all that apparent on most recordings. Although there is a bit more air and more upper frequency bloom. Here is a wild thing from Tierry Budge the designer. You can actually put a Khite, A Peregrine, or A Khorsus in any combo as a pair and they will match almost seemlessly. I kid you not, they are that well balanced spectrally between each other. Yup I have heard the Roc at Tom Miller's place(read his review in Perfect Vision) and at Tierry's. Awesome is the only word on Theatre and musically it is just right. Watching Jurassic Park at Tierry's is quite an experience. I hope to get a Roc into my system in the near future. James W.
jgw, I haven't had the opportunity for a side by side comparison, but given how close you say they all sound to each other, the Khites with the ROC deserve to be offered as their own package. The sub is so good and fast, the Khites do bass so well, the trio may out do the Peregrine because of the ability to position the bass appropriately for any given room. The affordable Khorus.
Vrauthor: I would agree that a Roc with Khites has the potential to be better than the Peregrines by themselves. Because you can obviously ideally position the woofer and the satelittes. One thing is that you will find once you get settled with your Khites is that if your willing to take a bit of time subtle adjustments can make significant improvements. Just like the Khorus and Pergrine the Khite are not only sensitive to low frequency standing waves like other speakers, but also to the same effects in the high frequencies. Subtle movements of a 1/4 inch or less can make noticeable difference in terms of locking them into a room. I have found difference in a 1/16" of toe in or sidewall placement. This may seem at first ridiculous but once they are broken in it is worth tinkering with. For what it's worth. James W.
I was talking to Joe Fratus of Art Audio today about the amp I bought. He asked what speakers I was using. When I told him I own the Khorus, he said he heard them two weeks ago and "it was unbelievable what those speakers can do. They're great." He said that he heard them driven with a 12 watt SET, and thinks his 6 watt 300b amp just coming out would easily drive them.