Talon Loudspeakers

Has anybody heard the Talon loudspeakers? Any thoughts? Especially the Talon Peregrine speakers ($6,000). Thanks.
Sedond: (just in case your reading Fred I'll throw a few more thoughts your way in the third person!) A voice of reason! Thank you. How does Fred know the specs are bogus? Has Fred heard The bottlehead Paraglows? Has he really heard the Talons? Granted he may have 35 years of experience,but not with my setup. And it's not like I am some boob who fell of the turnip truck just yesterday. I have owned a ridiculous amount of stuff in the 30 some years I have played with audio. Basically from early teenager to adult. Yes SET's are new to me. I have been playing with them for just over a year now. But I can assure you that the bottlehead stuff is not typical SET and does in fact work remarkably well with the Talon's I wonder if Fred really even reads or thinks before he reacts. Reminds when my dad said you know son I used to walk 30 miles to school in the snow and you kids want your own car to drive. He is so biased based on his experience that he is not open to the possibility of anything but his own experience. Okay so I'm deluded and off my nut. But the truth of the matter is that I have not up to this point heard a system that I prefer to my own. Happy Listening, James W.
Hey James! Thanks for the response about SETs and the Talons. I am going to try an Art Audio Jota with them to see what happens. Not a exactly a three watter, but I am looking forward to the hearing the strengths of these type of amplifiers through the Talons. Your info is much appreciated.
You might want to consider the Bel Canto SET40. It is an 845 based SET amp with 37 wpc. The output tubes last about 8000 hours. I have one on order to audition. I have had good feedback from others using this amp. It will also give you the needed power for dynamcis and SPL's. I agree with Fred on this point. I had the Vonschweikert VR-6's. I had a 2A3 SET on them and it played well... but when I biamped and ran the MT module with the SET it then became magical. The VR-6's are rated at 96db efficient 1W1M. I would not expect a 3.5 watt amp to make the talons sing very well. It is also a very tough on the output tubes hen you drive them hard, they won't last long. The 845 tube will give you the bandwidth and power to handle the dynamic swings. My friend had the Jota and it is a fine sounding amp. It is quite expensive and you are limited to what brand output tubes you can use. Just pointing out another possible option. You can email me for more info... mike
Thanks Mike! I forgot about Bel Canto. Let me know what your feeling are about it after you audition it. I had Cary 805Cs at one time. They use the 845. I think these amps are either highly over-rated or just didn't work in my system. What speakers are you using with the Bel Canto?
I'm breaking in a pair of Khites and a ROC sub, using an EVo amp (great match). While I have a couple of hundred hours of break in still ahead of me (though hopefully not 500 like I've read here) there's a lot about these speakers that seems right. Very fast and articulate, particularly in the bass, with what I can only call an emotional presence begining to emerge in vocals. Given how high the bar on performance expectations has been set for these speakers I can appreciate the intensity of these postings. And then they do take a different path to the music, away from high-end speakers which lack real bass and emotion, offering instead treble detail (Silverlines strike me that way). I'm anxious to get them broken in, but I'm already having fun, even when I find myself 2 rooms away from the speakers and a wonderful song has floated into the room -- clear, articulate, and rich.