Talon Khorus X or Revel Salon???

I've heard the Salon, but not the Khorus X; anyone w/ experience w/ both please chime in! Difference in price is not a consideration for me, only distinctions in sound...I was somewhat settled on the Salons (primarily a 2-channel set-up), but have heard many good things about the x's and wanted to explore feedback. Thanks!
I have not heard the Salon, but I have heard the smaller Gems. I have the Khorus X now in my system.
They are different sounding speakers. The X is more on the warm side. I remember the Gems being very open but thin sounding. I think the bass on the X is definitely better, then again the Gems were monitors. I prefer the the midrange of the X over the Gems-more immediate present. The highs on the Gems were very good. Both speakers are amazing detailed. The scale on the X were more dynamic with bigger imaging and soundstage, the gems have very good soundstage also. I don't think you could do wrong with either but make sure you listen before you buy. Your taste might be different than anybody else. Contact a dealer in your area for a demo on the X, or you are welcome to come to my house also if you live in CA. :)) Good luck.
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My preference is for the Talons - they have a richer and more lively presentation.

What are your priorities, makofkalaw? What qualities are you most interested in, what colorations really get on your nerves, and what would you trade off (if you had to) in order to get those characteristics you most want?

Best of luck!

I agree with Nickt. Audition before buying, and make sure the Khorus X you audition is well broken in. I purchased a pair of Khorus X in January and they are still changing a bit. Either choice will be a good one, but I love the Khorus X in my system. Good luck.