Talon Khorus X or Meadowlark Blue Heron 1?

Will start building a 2 ch system that will eventually become 5.1. Looking for musical speakers that have the dynamics for HT duties. If you've heard these, please compare and contrast them. There are no Talon or Meadowlark dealers in my area. Room is 18 x 20 x 8.5. Thanks for your input.
Disclaimer: We are a dealer for both Talon and Meadowlark.

Great question! Both are wonderful speakers and I can't imagine anyone not being pleased with either. However, my dad and I personally prefer the Talon. In fact, you really don't even need to go to the level of the Khorus X. The Talon Raven-C is MORE than enough speaker for 90% of all the audiophile public. The Khorus X is the speaker for you however, if you have the upstream equipment to allow it to portray the increased detail and resolution it is capable of over the Raven-C. In a blind listening test, I guarantee that most folks could NOT tell the difference between the two (with GOOD electronics, but not megabuck gear). It is my personal opinion that the Talon Raven-C is the biggest "bang for the buck" speaker available on the market today...Ok, let the flames begin ;-) (please be somewhat gentle, you might hurt my feelings) Also, in regards to your specific question regarding dynamics, the entire Talon line is about as dynamic as it gets. The ONLY speakers that we have ever heard that had more dynamic capability were the new Cantata monitors from Gryphon (they cost $20k(!) ) and the Wisdom Audio line (very pricey, but wonderful nonetheless).

There are many great speakers in the same price range as the Raven-C ($6-8k), but we have yet to hear one that does as many things correctly (with FULL-RANGE LF response) as the Raven-C anywhere near it's price.

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
I've owned both and vote for the Blue Heron I. The speaker had less odd response issues, was easier to move around, and retained it's resale value much better. You just don't see Blue Herons show up on Augiogon because owners keep them. I lost my job and had to sell my pair and still regret it. Those are *final* speakers.