Talon Khorus vs. Peregrine

I'm very interested in Talon's line of speakers. I've read nothing but good things about the Khorus's ($14k). Unfortunately, even used they're more than I want to spend on speakers. The Peregrine's ($6k) are more realistic for my budget. If any of you have had the chance to audition these two speakers, I'd be very interested in hearing your impressions of how they compare with each other. How much do the Peregrine's give up to the Khorus's? Please be as specific as possible. Also, if you've ever heard electrostatic speakers, I'd be interested in hearing how these speakers compare with electrostats in terms of "quickness". Any info would be appreciated.
Thanks for the info, James. I'll try to find the thread you mentioned. Take care.
Mac go to Audio Assylum. Use the search funtion. Type in Peregrine in the search window. Then scroll to the appropriate assylum (Speaker Assylum in this case). Good luck www.audioassylum.com James W.
Consider the Khites married to the ROC sub as well. I haven't heard the Peregrine, but the trio is amazing and by the specs you'll get deeper bass. the Khites play amazingly loud without distortion which I guess is a trademark of the talon design. what this means though, is that the Khites (Peregrines too I suppose) play better, louder, deeper, and with less distortion than any competively priced floor standing system.