Talon Khorus Vs Audio Physic Avanti III

Has anyone compared these two speakers? Comments? Equiptment

The Avanti 3 is better than a mile. I heard the both at the HE show and have heard the Khorus' elsewhere. I would even take the Virgos over the Khorus. The difference in midrange quality is huge. Try Jon # at www.goldmanaudio.com he is a great dealer and has a lot of experience with these speakers.
I would also look at the Avanti Centuries. It is a special edititon that uses the tweeter from the 20K Audio Physics Caledra. I think they are better than the new Avanti III.


I've owned the AP Centuries and Calderas, and have the Khorus X in my home now. All are exceptional speakers but have very different balances and strengths that would make personal experience mandatory before purchase. This isn't about bad and good here, it's apples and oranges.

The Khorus, and more so the X version possess a dynamic prowess, timbrel verity and sheer power that AP speakers cannot quite equal.

The Centuries and Calderas lay-out simply inspiring sound stages and more aptly convey transparency and focus through the upper mid.

The Khorus are the kings of rhythm, pace and timing. The way they stop and start notes--with authority and speed, sends a shiver on some recordings. The AP's recapture fine detail with aplomb and are spatial giants but miss "some" of the body, or fundamental structure of a note-- you don't *feel* the music in as many dimensions as through the Khorus.

Ultimately room size, listening preferences and system make up will determine which of these speakers will suit you best. Never make a buying decision based on I-forum feedback. IMO though, both those speakers belong on your short list for home audition. FWIW
I have to agree with Samual. I own the Perigrines and my dad owns the Khorus/Roc combo and they are spectacular. Very deserving of the finest electronics out there. One must listen to a pair VERY broken in though-the first month of owning these speakers is rough. I heard the AP's at the Hi fi show in New York a couple of weeks ago and they did have one of the best sounds there-but also were driven with state of the art electronics. The soundstage and quikness in the midrange was Great but they didn't have the awe- inspiring dynamics of even the Perigrines-IMO.There were by the way, NO Talon speakers on display at this show-as a owner and a lover of the Talon speakers, I was looking.
Samuel is EXACTLY correct in his response. NEVER purchase any equipment based on statements made on these forums. In fact, be careful to not let statements in the forums (Audio Asylum, Audiogon, etc.) dissuade you from even auditioning a particular product you might be interested in.

With that said, both the Talon AND Audio Physic products should be auditioned, then let YOUR ears decide. My personal preference is for Talon over Audio Physic, but again, that is MY preference. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me. Good luck in your search.

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
Cablues - I own the avanti centuries but have not heard the avanti III. Besides being better looking, what are the sonic differences ?

I'm pretty happy with them. They are very detailed, and image wonderfully yet have a soft, listenable quality. Could use more weight. I've also owned/used the sparks, tempoIII, and virgoII's. You could say I like audio physics....

I've heard the talon khorusX, and I think it's one the best speaker's I've heard at any price. I think given a choice I would take the khorusX over my avanti-centurys. They have low end power which I have come to miss since owning vandersteen 5's, yet they are not huge nor ugly. I am not sure if the khorusX's do or don't have the same detail and imaging. They might. I would really have to hear them in my system.

I heard the AudioAero 192/Tenor/KhorusX setup at jtinn's. Best system I've ever heard, anywhere. I use a kern scd-1/vk-5i/vt100m2(kt88).