Talon Khorus

My Talon's have 1000 hrs. on them and they are wonderful. I thought I would sell them so that the wife and I could have some extra $$ to pay for moving expenses. But they keep getting better. I have allways thought that the if something sounded (or seem to sound) bad in the beginning, I would keep on listening and if the sound got better, then great. I've tried other speakers trying to find something close, but nothing comes close. They are great!! They seem to need a 10 minute playing of music to sound their best everytime I play them. I mean a 10 minute warm up every time I play them. But the imaging,and presence they give are remarkable. I can't begin to to describe the magic. If you have just bought a pair please wait, for they need at least 500hrs. I'm really at a loss for words . I hope we can figure a way to move without me selling these most incredible speakers. They are truely remarkable. If something sounds great the first few seconds you hear it, beware my experience is that the best gear( as with music) always sounds better after you listen some time. If something razzle, dazzles you at first beware. It's strange but it seems to work for me. These speakers seem to need at least 10 minutes to sound their best. AS if they need some time to warm up.No matter if they are broken in or not. Incredible!!!
Hi, Yes, what you say is true. I was commenting on that very thing yesterday to a friend. The Talon's motor structure and suspension is fathomable. You can feel the weight and great resistance when you press in lightly on the mid/woofer module. It makes sense that such structural density and heft would require a little wiggling to stretch it into form. This ten minute warm up seems most pronounced when the speakers are left idle for a couple of days, which rarely happened while I had them.. :o). Alas, I had to return my review pair to the manufacturer. I miss them and look forward to getting a pemanent set sometime in the future. They're simply the best music makers I've run across. Grant
I just added the ROC sub to my Khoruses and it must be heard to be believed. The bass is not necesarily better (bass was as good as anything I have heard) But everything opened up and dynamics are astounding. I am using 120wpc OTL amps and there is a synergy I can't adequately describe. I agree w/ the need for extended breakin. Mine keep getting better too.