Talon - Firehawks with diamond tweeter- how good a

I was visiting a friend and he has these speakers that he might be selling- they sounded great - He suggested I go on this forum to ask about them-are they worth building a system around?? could not find much info on them- thanks,tyler
find out from your friend, why he doesn't like the speaker. his opinion, your opinion,and of course, 'a listen' is the ticket here.
I don't think they are called fire hawks. You must mean Fire Bird, Thunder Hawk, Hawk or Cinema Hawk..but ive never heard of Fire Hawk. I live here in Salt Lake City and actually used to live 5 doors from the former ceo of talon mike farnsworth. The speakers produce a very good sound. Their subs are very good and the best i have heard any of the talon line was the Thunder Hawks matched with Wadia cd, and VAC 300 mono blocs and their signature pre amp. It was mind boggling the sound coming from that set up. But i agree with Jaybo..find out from your friend why is he unloading them and if he doesnt live that far from you..maybe listen to them in your sound room.