Talon Firebirds, Aerial Acoustics Model 20T, VR-7

Has anyone any sense as to how these three compare?

The Von Schweikert VR 7 receives considerably less talk in these forums compared to the unrealistic V-11's and very expensive V-9's. In the $30K price range there are many really great choices including the Wilson WP7's. Since other than going to the shows, doing any A-B comparisons is virually impossible and makes this a frustrating choice when memory alone is my guide. Not to mention a variable mix of front end electronics, ss amps, tube amps, ± preamps etc.
I owned the 20Ts and have listened to the Firebirds for about 2 hours, never heard to VR-7. Based on these limitations, my two cents: First, all fine speakers and obviously, results will vary based upon your room and equipment. The Aerials are terrific in every way except I found bass response limited in my room (16 x 34) and the ribbon is fairly directional. Other than that, they are beautifully made and sound is fabulous. I moved from the Aerials to JM Lab Nova Utopias which IMO are better in the bass, less directional and have a more relastic sizing of instruments and voices, which, to my ears, makes the experience of listening more lifelike. I listened to the Firebirds and the Jm Lab Nova Utopias in the same room with the same electronics (top of the line Burmester gear) and found the Firebirds terrific and in many ways similar to the Utopias (Talon uses, to my knowledge Focal drivers on the bass similar to the Nova Utopias). Had I never heard the Utopias, I would have been in love with the Firebirds. With the Utopias in mind, however, I ultimately, found the Firebirds, at least in this setup, less realistic sounding than the Utopias. I have not heard the VR7s, though I am very curious to hear them and the VR9se. My sense is that the VR7s (new version) will be superior to the Utopias in the bass. I am not sure how the ribbon will fare against the Utopia's Berrylium driver, which I love. In addition to the Nova Utopias, I would encourage you to add to your list the Verity Audio Sarastros and Wilson Maxx IIs.


Hello Dbk,

I think you would be amiss if you didn't consider the Avalon Eidolon Diamond at this price level. I have heard speakers costing up to 4 times as much that I wouldn't and didn't choose over them.

In the appropriate size room you would be hard pressed to find a better speaker IMHO. Put the right components behind them and you will be rewarded. They make music.....

Good luck and enjoy the search,