Talon Firbird built 2005 banana or spade

Simple question Talon Firebirds built 2005, does the speakers except banana termination or just spades, I have a pair in stransit and I wont to purchase a pair of Synergistic Research Precision Reference Tesla line bire-wire cables that have Banana termination at speaker end. From photo's I have it's hard to tell and buyer is out of contact @ the moment.
From research these look like good cable lots of work behind the therory of the Bi-wire aplication.
Thanks for any help with regards to termination!
You only can use spades on them. I had a pr so I know.
Thanks Nickt,
How did you find the Talon's generaly, I take it you dont own them any more, why the change?
I think the Firebirds are very nicely made speakers but the xovers were terrible. So I had new xovers made, costed me like $4-5K. The parts alone was like $3K. It was done by a professional speaker maker off course. Then they were amazing. My local audiophile buddy love them so much he asked me to sell them to him. I had the diamond tweeters also. Persnoally I felt that they need a lot of power to open up so no tube amps. Have fun.