Talon Audio Khorus - WOW!!!

Ok...I am probably opening myself up to getting slammed by those people (a grand total of 2 people actually, at least on this forum) out there that have been bad-mouthing Talon (slanderously in my opinion) but here we go... I am just a guy that likes to listen to good music and I have been on my own "holy grail" speaker quest for over a year. Well, about 2 weeks ago I heard about this company called Talon Audio and they were doing things a bit differently than the "status quo". To make a long story short, I ordered a pair of the Khorus and they arrived last night. I have listened to a lot of speakers in my hunt (Genesis, Aerial, B&W, JM Lab, just to name a few; all with megabuck electronics) and NEVER have I heard anything like these speakers! I will put it this way: It has been stated on numerous occasions that these speakers need approximately 400 hours of break-in; however, even if that is true, I can't imagine these speakers sounding any better!!! What the heck are they gonna sound like when they are actually at their best?!?!? I am not going to say anything about the details (dynamics, extension, speed, air and all those other "audiophile" terms) until I have had more time with the speakers and they are more broken in, as it would be unfair to others interested in these speakers and also Talon Audio. I just wanted to let everyone know that as far as I can tell up to this point, Talon Audio is the REAL DEAL. For the first time in many years in this industry that we all like to call "high-end audio", I believe we are witnessing a revolution in speaker technology as opposed to the evolution that we have been watching for quite some time. Only time will tell. And finally, to all those that have been doubting Talon's technology, just LISTEN to their designs before you pass judgement. Sincerely, Mike Riggs P.S. I realize that there is probably a bit too much emotion in my post; but I am not a professional reviewer. Hence, I can't get fired for losing my reviewing credibility by being too enthusiastic ;-)

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Hi Mike, I guess I must be one of the 2 people that have been so bold as to dare to offer my opinion that the Khorus speakers have their flaws just as all speakers do. This is by no means "bad-mouthing" or "slanderous," language. This is merely my opinion after hearing the speakers with familiar material. I don't see why I should have to apologize or be ridiculed and made to feel bad by the Talon zealots (such as yourself) for simply offering a view that runs counter to the prevailing consensus. So I'd just like to say to all the Talon lovers that I am very delighted that you have finally found a speaker that you love. By the same token, these speakers are not my personal cup of tea and I think I have the right to say so. Will the majority of folks love the "Talon sound"? Maybe. Will every audiophile who hears them think they are great? I think not.