Talon and Escalante

Looking for some info on the sonic differences between two of Tierry Budge's efforts in the Talon Khorus and the Escalante Fremont.Tone,drivability ,bass response and room placement are what I basically need to know...
I've never had the Korus in my home but have lived with the Fremonts for over two years. Very easy to place thanks to the front firing woofers and ports, can go really deep, and while you could drive them with low powered tubes, I run mine on a Krell Evo 403 and they love the power. One of my favorite speakers of all time and I could have almost anything and they still are here! A very fast speaker that is revealing yet tolerant of upstream components.
Revealing meaning hyper-detailed?I hear the the Talons are warm and polite.IYO,are the Fremonts at all bright sounding or harsh?

The fremonts are not bright nor harsh.
Agree with Kenny....I have heard the Fremonts a few times at shows and at friends, neither bright nor harsh would be adjectives I would use to describe them...