Tally up which speaker gets the most votes as best

We have seen so many threads on what is the best speakers, or the speakers to hang on to for life, but the responses end up in paragraph form as a result making it hard to get a good accessment of which speakers get mentioned most or more often, which is ok, but let us see if we can get a thread going that will be easy to tally up which speaker gets the most votes as the best speaker regardless of price... We all have different tastes let's keep in mind that the diversity is a plus and there is no need to make this a personal crusade. I think most of us would like to see a genuinely accurate picture of the most popular speaker. I don't like to live by rules but if I may suggest let's keep the response limited to just the name of the speaker and model name or number. Every now and then we can get a score card showing the results. I would like to start off with what I consider the best: mbl 101e.
Bose 901.
Polk is a runner-up too,but nothing beats Lasonic (the modded one with disco lights)
901, obvious, but what series? III, IV?
My choice is rather esoteric, and I'm not actually sure of the manufacturer of the driver itself, but it's the speaker that came stock in a 1972 Plymoth Valiant. These were mono speakers so you'll need two of them. Talk about your magic midrange! Only drawback is you need to have a pretty large listening room to park two Valiants with the doors wide open in the proper configuration for sterophonic listening. I've got mine 10 feet from the back walls and four feet from the side walls. Front doors open, rear passenger door closed with the window open. I'm running them with the best amplifier ever made (IMO, of course), which comes integrated with it's very own turntable. Yep, you guessed it, I'm running those puppies through my vintage Kenner Close'N"Play turntable. I've got an output tube buffer on it, a $5K aftermarket power cord, and some $9K speaker cable. I'll leave the latter two for an appropriately ostentatious thread.

Yes, Pedrillo I agree with you it is the mbl 101e
You guys are so (not) funny.---oops, gotta go p.
Any Eggleston speaker
The Infinity RS.
from $22,000. to $77,000 original list.
The longest running as the "best ever"
And I still would do obscene things to own a pair....
but then I would need tens of thous.. in electronics (preferably Audio Research) to run those babies.
One more vote for the MBL 101E.
Wilson Alexandria- more expensive than my house - Would be worth more if you could sleep in it...
Magico 3
Jax2, I've got the same set-up in my 1974 Chrysler Cordoba. Every evening when I get home from work I pull that baby out of the garage and drive it into the living room. After popping the trunk and rolling down the windows I hook-it up to my Nuclear Wattage Kranium Krusher Mk. XVII mono's. I invite the High School kids over and spin 45's of David Cassidy and Black Sabbath. Naturally I set it on 11.

My second system features Radio Shack X-22's with external XO's from Lirpa Sound. The 2" woofer when combined with the 19" midrange creates a liquid sound that just drips all over me.
kharma 3.1 ce with joule stargate
I haven't heard any of those room-sized horns but I've heard a lot of other stuff.
-lots of good stereos out there the MBL 101Es sound *REAL*.
MBL 101Es.
Sorry, ... what I was trying to say was that the MBL 101Es sound "real" while most other speakers sound pretty much like you're listening to a stereo.