Tally up best digital player ever

We have seen so many threads on what is the best digital player ever, but the responses end up in paragraph form as a result making it hard to get a good accessment of which player gets mentioned most or more often, which is ok, but let us see if we can get a thread going that will make it easy to tally up which player gets the most votes as the best player.. We all have different tastes let's keep in mind that the diversity is a plus and there is no need to make this a personal crusade. I think most of us would like to see a genuinely accurate picture of which is the best player. I don't like to live by rules but if I may suggest let's keep the response limited to just one name of the digital player company and model name or number. Now and then we can get a score card showing the results. I would like to start with what I consider best digital player: ................................................................................................................ ESOTERIC X-01
Jitter CD3
GNSC statement modified Wadia 861 se
Linn CD12 or Ikemi
Properly modified BiDat & your transport of choice (make it a good one)
Wadia 27ix/270se with GNSC mods
ML 30.6/31.5
You stated as a *player* not *separates* so here's one:


FWIW, I own modified separates, CEC/Audio Logic.
Modded Forsell Transport and DAC
ESOTERIC PO/GO feeding a modified TacT S2150 which powers the speakers.
Appple 300BX iPOD
Levinsun Ultimate Boom Box
Close tie for me Wadia 861 GNSC moded or the Limited edition Sim Audio Eclipse. Both sound incredible.

Good listening
47Labs Pitracer and Kondo DAC
Gunbei- Is your Levinson ultimate boombox for sale? I've been looking for one!
31.5/30.6 an incredible combo. Just below this 31.5/360s.
Apl 3910
pitracer with 2 power supply+kondo dac+kondo digital cable+elrod power cords+symposium quantums.
the best current dac out there is I would think the audionote 4 special edition at over 18k.
Dodson 218. I just got one and the first time I put on a CD I could have sworn I was listening to a very expensive turntable/cartridge setup, but with greater frequency extension on both top and bottom, and absoutely dead silence in background. It is an amazing DAC!

Probably Reimyo.
Emerson CD/Clock Radio, Nightstand edition. Indigo dial version only.
Wadia 861se with GNSC mods
Sony9000es DVP Modwright with tube output and volume control
This may change again, with the arrival of the Aloia player from Italy, dist. by Hi-Fi Farm.
TRL DAC/player combo - $30K
TRL SA-14. 'nuff said.
Linn CD 12 is the best I've heard
Ah yes, the TRL SA-14 ...
I go for the Aloia CDP 11.01, which I use as a transport to the Accuphase DC-61 DAC.
Stibbert Tube with Sound Fusion Isolation kit
Cec TL OX,Kondo Ksl Dac,Kondo ksl-lp digital kable,kondo spz pc and purist audio aniversarie pc.
I've heard several systems with Pitracers in them. That is a funky transport. It makes horrible mechanical noises, has an unreadable "readout," spends more time in Japan (being repaired) than in the states. I would vote no on it. Then again, in both systems I have heard it, it was coupled to an Audionote DAC5 signature DAC. The sound is terrific. I nominate the DAC5.

I have also heard, and really liked the Naim CD 555. It is, by a small but significant margin, better than my CDS3/555PS combination.