Tally up best amplifier ever

We have seen so many threads on what is the best amplifier ever, but the responses end up in paragraph form as a result making it hard to get a good accessment of which amplifier gets mentioned most or more often, which is ok, but let us see if we can get a thread going that will be make it easy to tally up which amplifier gets the most votes as the best amplifier..... We all have different tastes let's keep in mind that the diversity is a plus and there is no need to make this a personal crusade. I think most of us would like to see a genuinely accurate picture of which is the best amplifier. I don't like to live by rules but if I may suggest let's keep the response limited to just the name of the amplifier company and model name or number. Every now and then we can get a score card showing the results. I would like to start off with what I consider the best amplifier................................................................................................. joule rite of passage.
Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Amplifier CA-1000
impossible....one amp may work OK with the rest of a system and the same amp might work wonderfully with another system....
Krull MFSB Mogambo mkII
Kranium Krusher MK XVII by Nuclear Wattage
No doubt the Kranium Krusher outperforms the Krull MFSB Mogambo, since 17 is way better than 2. Heheh.
Smooth solid state,time passes, everything the same but the price to get the same sound today is ten fold.
Do not forget Professor Lirpa's marvellous products; they were a legend in their own time. The Lirpa products were a brief and infinitesimally small point of genius little recognized. Lirpa products were either far ahead of their time or far behind; hard to tell.

Still, the merits of Lirpa products remain largely unappreciated.
Professor Lirpa was a particular favorite of mine. In 1979 I bought my first Lirpa amp called the Uppa Luppa X-97. 1,000 watts of sonic bliss. I just read an article in Tube Magazine stating that Dr. Lirpa was coming out with his first Solid State amp called the Lirpa Lumpa 5400POS. I'm on the waiting list for a home trial.
The Tube Research Labs GT-800

96 tubes, 4 chassis, 1240 pounds shipping weight. Separate 235 pound tube regulated power supply for each channel.

Effortless power with the immediacy/delicacy of a low powered amp.

$140K retail
Tron Syren pre-amp and Tron 300B power amp. See new 6 moons review
using pass a40 can't beat it for the money