Tall Tower Speakers for $10-14k

Looking for full-range tower speakers at least 50" tall. Would be great if they have integrated subs to help with the lows. They also need to look really nice (like Canton Reference 1.2 look). Max I am willing to spend is $14k delivered in NYC. Please list any suggestions here. Thanks!

here's a pair that I (proudly) own and think meet all your criteria. Find a local dealer and gve them a spin. I know from personal experince that when mated with high quality gear and recordings - these speakers sound top notch.

Why the height requirement? I've not seen that one before.

PBN Montana makes tall, very good looking speakers, some of which hit your pricepoint. The Zu Definition for is 15/16" under your floor, but hits your pricepoint, and has powered bass drivers. Very different approaches, but both companies make good sounding speakers and are good to deal with.

I second the Tyler Acoustics...I own the Tyler Woodmere II's...Very nice workmanship and quality built...plus very kind to the eye and great wife approval, they are very musically pleasing as well...Work both for HT and 2 channel in my setup...Ty does a fab job on these beauties and is willing to build what you need for your specific arrangement...
Revel Studio 2 or Salon 2. Will be difficult to exceed. A couple of great deals on audiogon right now.
The Canton is a good choice but consider, also, the Aerial 7T and Adam Audio Classic Column as alternatives, if you don't mind saving some money.
Oh, and how could we forget the Magnepan 20.7? A whopping 6'7" tall for a relatively modest list price of $13,850.
Dunlavy sciv,v,or vi's are big;maybe soundlab A1px,u1px,m1px if you have proper amplifiers for them,Rockport and there are others.
fourfour what amplifiers are you going to drive these speakers with?
I own Zu Def 4s and like them a lot. They are full range, have integrated subs, are 101db sensitive, are just shy of 50" (I use small ebony footers to protect my hardwood floors), and are right at your price point. Mine are in gloss black; the quality of the finish is exceptional, and gloss black is perfect for my decor. However, you can customize the look in an almost unlimited number of ways in terms of paint, veneer, base and surrounds, etc. since each speaker is built to order.

Looks like Bryston 4BSST will be the best price / performance ratio.
7" short of making the 50" cut, but I find the Avalon Eidolon's the most visually stunning speakers I have come across. It does not hurt they are also phenomenally sounding, and well within your price range. Mine beat the Revel Studios and Verity Audio Parsifals I owned before hands down. Did I mention my Eidolon Visions are up for sale on audiogon?
Infinity Prelude MTS with powered sub
check out the Apogee Duettas here on agon. You'll never look back
Please see my ad for the Revel Salon2. I would deliver/setup for your $14k.
I'll make a shameless plug for my Acoustic
system international tango speakers too - up for sale :)
Fourfour, I have a very unique pair of towers that we are about to list if you are interested. WEGG3 Loudspeakers, model Lunare 3. These have been our floor model for a couple of years and we are ready to move them. MSRP was $24K and we are willing to sell them for $12K. They are 55.5" tall including the stand. Here is a link for more info on the manufacturers website. http://loudspeakers.wegg3.com/lunare3.php
I would seriously consider the Acoustic Zen Crescendos.Very nice looking and stunning sound at 50" height I believe.And true full range to boot.
Vandersteen Wood Quatro Sig 11s
Yes I am also a dealer in NJ
Thanks all for responding. Going with the Legacy Focus HD. I auditioned a bunch of the recommendations here and for me the price / performance ratio was just stellar with the Legacy's.
I have 2 friends who have recenty purchased the new B&W 802's and if you look carefully at the market its hard to find a product that will give you the quality bass,cabinet you asked for with a diamond HF unit. A very highly regarded speaker to consider would be the Grand Veena, Sonus Faber Cremona M, one of the Focal towers with the berylium tweeter. You could consider the new focal diablo syand mount which goes surprisingly low but really needs to be mated with quality electronics.