tall speaker in small room???

Hi: Has anyone tried to play tall speakers (I am thinking Tyler Super Tower, 60' tall) in a small room 12*11*7.5'? would this give me a huge image/soundstage or will this overpower my room and create room resonance of hell?!!!
FWIW, I'm running the 1 piece Linbrook Systems full range speaker in a room 13x19x9 and its more than enuf for my room. It also produces a large and deep image at much lower volume than my other dynamic speakers. With a room of your dimensions, becuse of the inherrent bass problems due to its dimensions, I would think about the Linbrook Monitor, the exact opposite of what you have in mind. Add a sub later if you must, you would have a lot more flexibility with speaker placement with that system.
I'm with Newbee on this one. I'm using Taylo reference monitors in a room that's 13x23x8 and they do a great job. Occasionally they poop out on loud big orchestral stuff but for the most part they are amazing speakers. Tyler makes great stuff!
thanks, you probably confirmed that my long time fantasy of owning a huge speaker is inadequate for my room....will probably go Linbrook floorstanding monitor unless you think that their bass response is heavier (in a bad way!) than the Linbrook monitor on stand.
The imaging could suffer if the speaker is too close to the ceiling . You may want to look into sky diffusers.