tall solid speaker stands?

I need to put Snell K.5 Mark IIs on speaker stands. Gotta be 36 inches tall to be above the couhc and the speakers weight about 25 pounds each, so the stands should be pretty solid. Most of the ones I can see screw into the speakers, but I'd rather not put holes in them, so I need something that has a top plate with at least the footprint of the speakers (8.5" by 12"). Any ideas? Thanks. -dave
Contact Sound Anchor. The'll do anything you want and reasonably. Or go to their website, they may have something "off the shelf" that will work for you.


36" tall?! What, are you going to listen while standing up? Stands are supposed to bring the tweeter to your ear level while seated. That means you would add the distance from the bottom of the speaker to tweeter + the height of the stand to equal your ear level while seated in the listening seat. Are you sure you got that measurement correct? Otherwise Sistrum makes a 28" stand, but I don't know of any taller speaker stands than that.

Jason at Ironworkz Audio will fix you up with whatever you want at a reasonable price.

I have to echo Jax2 in wondering why you would want to go with a 36" stand? Seems that would put your tweeters about 50" from the floor!
maybe i'm crazy. i was thinking the bottom of the speaker box should be at couch height, as otherwise the sound would just be bouncing right off the back of the couch. having the tweeter at ear height seems to make sense, but if i do that then the woofer will be aimed right at the back of the couch. unfortunately, the room setup requires that the rears are only a couple feet behind the couch. am i making sense or should i just set the tweeters at ear height? thanks for your responses so far. -dave
Ah, you're talking about rears in a surround system. Sorry, I didn't understand. All bets are off as I Marco don't do the surround thing. I see your dillema now. The custom route is likely the way to go. I don't think you'll otherwise find stands that height. Just mounts/brackets. I've seen mounts that seem to use a clamping mechanism, but do not recall where, and have no idea how good they may be.

Good luck.

contact Noel over at Skylan stands - does great custom work for more than reasonable prices...