Talking about service!

My 20 month old Soundsmith Voice started miss-tracking. With the naked eye the stylus looked...odd. Viewed under magnification, the cantilever had twisted in it's fitting so that the stylus was pointed at the right channel. I mailed this picture to Soundsmith. Peter Ledermann wrote me back telling me to call him which I did. He told me to ship the cartridge back and leave a message on the box, "For Peter's Immediate Attention!" I got the repaired cartridge back IN FIVE DAYS and with no charge even though the cartridge was 8 months off warranty. Thank you Soundsmith!


Doesn't surprise me.

Time I've spoken  with Peter, I got the feeling he's a good guy.

Soundsmith is a first class operation.

When I get around to the "final table" a Strain Gauge will be my choice.

I keep the $399 Otello as my back up, "emergency" cart. Excellent cheapie.


Good to hear. Peter is a treasure. (Hung with him at an audio show for a long demo of the SG in a VPI with Harbeth speakers)

Great news and glad Peter is obviously feeling better I know he had a longterm battle with Covid. And here's that pic you were trying to post @mijostyn 


I had a problem with a Grace Ruby that was re-tipped by SS with an OCL stylus.  It just did not sound right.  Peter invited me to return it, found the problem, which was due to an error in their work, fixed it, and had it back to me within a week or two.  It has sounded fabulous ever since.  You'd rather not have mistakes, but no company is perfect, and if they stand behind their work as SS does, all is forgiven.