Talk Thunder 3.1b CDP?

Does anyone else own one? How do you like them? Is it considered a good player for the money. I don't see much about them on the websites but am curious on what their known for. Any opinions or experience with this player would be appreciated. I think it is quite good but compared to what? I have not heard 99% of the players out their so I don't know if I can do better for the money. Nowhere local will let me take a player home to demo without purchasing it first and then returning it if not suitable. What players might be good to listen to. I obviously would like to better the Talk.
it's ok, but way way overpriced.
if you bought it at a big discount you've got a pretty nice unit.
Does any one else think their just ok but overpriced?I got mine for $3500 CND new.
don't freak. talk makes no nonsense, neutral sounding digital front ends. all all considered among the best in their class. lots of the british stuff is less because it is made in china. talk is british all the way.
Thanks Jaybe, When you say "among the best in their class" , What do you mean "their class"? What other CDP's are in the same class?What does my player compare to?
I just bought a used one and my general impression is that the Thunder 3.1B charms more than impresses. It has a fluid and musical sound that few CD players can match and provides loads of details in a natural and relaxed way. I have had an Arcam CD-23T (which I preferred over the Rega Jupiter, the YBA Integre and the Audio Aero Prima 192) and a MF A308cr and the Thunder beats them both. Even though it does not sound like an analytical player (like my previous players did), I have heard lots of new information and the lyrics are more intelligible. The previous owner preferred it to his Classe CDP-10 and moved up to a Shanling T-300 with pinched waist NOS tubes. So it seems you would have to spend the big bucks to really improve on the sound with something like a Wadia 861se or Audio Aero Capitole… As for the question of value, if you judge the Thunder by what’s inside, you are getting a lot for your money. If you judge it by its sound, it is competitive, but make sure you listen carefully as it does sound different…
sonateer,roksan,primaire, arcam, cyrus, revox, music fidelity, yba,linn......good company for sure.
It's a lesser-known brand, and it doesn't seem to have a good resale value. As long as you like it, you're fine. Yet if you try to sell it, you'll take a bath, unfortunately...
I've been listening to one for 2 years after I traded my Classe CDP10 for it and although I think it sounds sweet I wonder sometimes if I should have kept the classe. 2nd guessing myself I suppose. The classe 10 was nice but I find the talk has a smoothness about it that is extremely pleasant.
Yes i know but it does sound quite good but I haven't heard most players out there. It beat the classe CDP 10 piece as I had both in my living room at the same time and chose the Talk for it's anologue like smoothness. It has a kind of "creamy " sound and I mean that in a good way.I would lose money to sell it but it is becomindg more well known. I got mine for $3500 CND and now
I might get $2000 US give or take.
10 years later I own the new Talk 6 and it is fantastic.At the ends of the day I got terrific trade value for my 3.1b and am a fan for life.If you liked the 3.1b then the Talk 6 will impress
I meant 5 years later. Since the origin of this post.