Talk Electronics Thunder3.1 Balnced

Has anyone heard or heard of the new Balanced Talk Electronics Thunder3.1 CD player? Any opinions or advice would be appreciated. I am considering maybe changing my Classe CDP10 for the Thunder3.1(new balanced model).
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I have heard it but only under showroom conditions at the CES2003. It was in the Spendor room. The Thunder 3.1 Balanced was one of the reasons for my attending the CES. It's a great performer even under non-optimal conditions. It has tons of dynamics, agility, details, imaging. It's non-fatiguing (I was there for an hour playing my own disc) but it's not rolled-ff either.
I ended up not buying it due to budget not due to performance. The only thing against it is there are no US dealers I know of. You have to get it from Canada. If it's within your budget and you're willing to deal with Canada every time you require maintenance, then it should be considered high on your short list. It's that good. It uses the Anagram chip.
Hope this helps.
I visited the same room at this past CES. Having never heard either Talk Electronics or Spendor speakers before I can't comment on them specifically, but the overall presentation was very musical, non-fatiguing but lacked a little life and some extension. Nice though!
I just recieved the Talk player about 9 hours ago and have been listening all day. It smokes the Classe CDP10 in evey way except maybe for the plastic remote. No bigy. It's not even nearly broken in and I'm so impressed that I have to recommend this player to anyone. I was leery to get this player as it seems to be unknown in North America but it is available at Canadian HiFi in Saskatchewan, Canada. If you call ask for Rob or Dylan as they will give you a smoking deal. No I don't work for their company but they have been good to me in the past and I highly recommend them. They can be reached at 306-522-4434. Please tell them you got their number from Mitch on Audiogon.
If this player is only OK then someone tell me as I'm always willing to learn but it is way better than the Classe piece and I thought the Classe was decent.