Talea Arm: What cartridges are best?

What cartridge has your experience shown to work well with the Durand Talea tonearm?

Many Talea owners have used the Ortofon A-90 with satisfaction. Are there other combinations that give a rich, revealing and what I would call musical presentation?

In using the charged word 'musical', I want to distinguish between an experience of enjoying a recording, and the urgency I have occasionally experienced when I can't turn off my system, no matter what else beckons in the outside world.

I have a Talea One and am searching for a match made in heaven. I have no idea whether a wood bodied cartridge will compliment, detract, or be neutral in combination with the Talea's wooden wand.

In the same vein I don't know whether the A90 works effectively with the Talea *because* of its physical structure --a metal frame, contrasted with a wood bodied stator-- or simply because it's a really good interface between the Talea and the A90.

What gives?

Thanks for your thoughts.


The Anna, Lyra Atlas would make a nice match I bet. There are still NIB A-90's for sale, even here. Best value and a perfect match. For the money, the A-90 reigns supreme, imo.
I have used an A90, Dynavector XV1-s, Miyajima, and Benz LPS with my Talea. They all sound fine. Preference is a matter of taste.
After the "great" Ortofon A-90 is discontinued now (but you can still buy it when you want to be member of the club) the new - Game changer -Ortofon Anna has seen the light.
Hurry. Don't waste time listening with something which isn't the ultra best.
hi David,

congrats on the Talea 1, it is a great arm.

i owned the Talea 1 for over 2 years and had maybe 5-6 cartridges on it.....including the A90, Lyra Olympos SL, Azden YM-P50VL, Miyajima Premium Be mono and others....

i've also heard the Talea 1 with a Dynavector XV-1s and a ZYX Universe....and at shows i've heard others that don't come to mind.

i've yet to hear a cartridge that does not seem to work on the Talea 1. it is particularly stable and precise. for instance, i have seen other medium compliance arms struggle to control the heavy Miyajima mono cartridge; the Talea handles it with ease.

if you are considering a particular cartridge, i would recommend contacting Joel Durand for specific feedback. if anyone would know about any sort of potential issues he would.
You don't mention a budget. The cartridges so far mentioned are all fairly expensive, especially the Anna and Atlas. Would you consider buying used or do you require a new cartridge? I have heard it sound good with both the A90 and the XV-1s, though in an unfamiliar system.

I agree with Mike, give Joel Durand a call.

Syntax, what do you really think? That was kind of funny.
ZYX UNIverse/copper/0.24mV sounded exceptional (meaning compared to every tonearm/cartridge I ever heard) on a Talea.

Hi Mike, Thank you for your encouragement. Hope your Telos continues to feel like a Formula 1 ride.

LewM, what other cartridges did you hear on the Talea?

Syntax, what gear was associated with the Ortofon Anna that you heard?

Thank you all, David
Cdk84, None, other than the ZYX Uni. That constitutes my lifetime experience listening to the Talea in a home system where I "know" quite well all the other elements of the system. I also heard the Talea at RMAF with A90, I think. I will make no judgement on that, except to say it did not offend.