Taking the big plunge SS to tubes ....Unison SR8

Actually I already took a small dip with the YS Audio Experience Symphonies + and was amazed by the dynamics that tube color lends to sound. I own electrocompaniet and krell gear and am going to buy a Unison Research SR8.
I would like any and all comments/reviews on this amp. The dealers claim that this is one of the best amps ever made (??!!)

Firstly I would like to know is 25w/ch enough amplification??
I am used to about 100w/ch in SS.

Secondly how much color does this amp add to the sound.

Can anyone comment on soundstage/bloom/sonics of this amp?
Good for you to take the big plunge!!!
I don't think you will go back to SS again.
If I were you I will go further....Go for the SET amp using 211 or 845 triode tubes. 20 watts in class A power is all you need.

Let me tell you about my Unison experience...I auditioned the Unison S8 (I believe same as SR8), the Simply 4, and the 845 monoblocks, with the Unison Mystery One preamp and Triangle and Royd speakers. Just amazing. I wasn't too sure when I first saw them and the salesman looked over at me with a grin ear to ear and whispered "these will do it for you...no problem" and gave a big chuckle that made me give them a try. First off were the monoblocks with Nora Jones on Royds. It was a veritable concert with a flow and coherence to it that made you smile, even chuckle. Next up was the S8 which sounded very similar to the monoblocks. Then the Simply 4 had a stab at it and rocked as much as the S8 despite the speakers being fairly inefficient! The sound was pure and sweet with enough detail to make it very lively. It was very refreshing to listen to.

My mother happened to be with me (a brief detour on a family vacation...) and even her normally unflappable stoic fashion towards "ridiculously expensive" stereos I had subjected her to before, gave in and admitted that it sounded excellent. There you have it folks, cold hard proof that these Unisons are indeed special. One of these days when I get to declare my good fortune in getting a Unison amp, I will be a happy man. Let us know how you like it.
Not knowing your system, your room, and your desired listening levels I have no idea if you'll have enough power. Be very wary of those who make recommendations re: power requirements with out knowing the whole equation!