Taking the analog plunge...

OK guys, I could use your suggestions here.

I have several upgrades in mind and/or in progress for my 2 channel system. While I was considering these changes, I decided to look into adding a turntable as well. It's been a number of years since I've had a decent TT (decades, really) and the sheer number of choices can be pretty daunting.

What would help is a short list of gear that you think I should investigate that is A) a relatively good match for current gear and B) is priced somewhere below 4k. There are plenty of reviews at my disposal, but I'd much rather hear from people who are actually living with this stuff for extended periods and are more likely to have used it with gear similar to mine

My current system consists of all BAT components (D5, 5i and VK 200) and Triangle Celius speakers. The upgrades are/will be a BAT VK 60 and either Hyperion HPS 938s or GMA Continuum 3s.

Your suggestions?
Heard an EAR 834 demoing a Nott. Horizon (with a buch of other stuff) and, for what it's wrth, I thought what i heard was awsome. hard to single out the phono stage, but it surely didn't get in the way of the final presentation. Made me want one.
FWIW, I used an 834P with my VK-50SE for almost a year. The BAT equipment is so revealing that it will let any well matched phono stage shine through. A good friend of mine has owned his Mitchell for years and loves it. Which ever tables you put on your short list be sure to check out the upgrades that are available. BTW, how is your LP stash?
Thanks all. Your responses are appreciated.

The 834 certainly sounds like a no-brainer, especially at it's price point. I'm also really interested in doing some hands-on with a Gyro SE.

Dan: I've made the mistake of trading off a bunch of my old 'stash' for CDs in the past. I'd estimate what I have remaining is somewhat less than 200 lps, but there are still some goodies among them.
The BAT P5 is another phonostage worth considering. I believe it will give the 834P a run for the money. The P5 shows up ocassionally for $1000-1200. Also, uou might want to consider an LP 12 or a SOTA in the equation when looking at suspended turntable. The Michell with a Rega arm is a great choice as well.

I did worse than you. I started back into analog just like you 3 years ago. I had zero, zip, nada lp's. I have close to 800 now. There are plenty out there but you will probably pay more to get the stuff in good condition.

If you like to tinker, the 834 responds very well to cap upgrades. You might check around with some dealers to see if anyone has a demo they might want to part with.

I could see a Gyro SE with a rega arm board, lots of options there for arms.