Taking a 110v Luxman Integrated to Europe

I have a fairly new Luxman 590AXII integrated amp that was purchased (and fully paid for) and meant to be my last piece of stereo equipment as I enter retirement.

I’m considering a move from the US to Spain and uncertain about taking this and converting the power from 220v to 110:

- is it possible to provide clean enough power to this amp using a step-down transformer?

- if I can’t take it, is it likely I’ll be able to purchase a similar (if not the same) amp over there without having it cost me significantly more?

Thanks for any thoughts.


A step-down isolation transformer is actually a type of power conditioner that helps shield noise from your AC power lines.  This will likely improve sound quality overall, so you can definitely do something like this.  Actually, many power conditioners use a big isolation transformer as part of it's conditioning.

I have a friend in the UK and he's used the Bronson step-down transformers on audio equipment with a lot of success.  The 590AXII is not that demanding and only uses about 330 watts max.  I would look at a Bronson++ VT 2000 or a Bronson++ VT 1500.  You generally want a larger transformer so that it does not have to work as hard and give better current delivery.  You can get these on UK Amazon site or from various locations around Europe.

It is worth asking if the unit can be internally converted.  A lot of manufacturers use dual voltage transformers which can do either based on internal wiring.  I know this is the case with many Accuphase units, no idea on Luxman.

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