Takedown of pricey servers, streamers OCD HiFi guy

Not sure if anyone caught this, but it's quite the take down of some of the very expensive server/streamer stuff out there. It seems logical to me -- especially when he prices out what some of the internal components are -- but this is above my pay grade so I cannot confirm. It's here: https://youtu.be/MMSC9-qQ_K4

Wonder if others agree or disagree with the basic takedown.
Well, at the higher end, audio equipment is both furniture and art  (physical and audio sculpture), and thus provides the same sort of aesthetic pleasure that a painting we like does.  So price is meaningless.  When someone buys a painting for tens of thousands of dollars or more, do they kvetch that the cost of materials was only around $200, and the artist dashed it off in an afternoon?   If I trust the sound of a system that has broken my bank more than I do a $10 boom box I picked up at Goodwill, then it will sound better to me  (regardless of 'specs') and I will get mroe pleasure out of listening to it, no?
Perceived value is can be emotional or monetary.  Audiophiles are a diverse group.  Price sensitivity has different ceilings for each of us.  Most of us won't blink at spending $ 50 for a immediately perceived improvement and at that price would care less about what the cost of the parts are as we are well below the monetary ceiling and in the emotional valuation.  We like it, we want it, lets buy it and we feel good about the buy.

Spending $ 1000 or $ 5000 or $25000 most of us bump into the monetary ceiling and have to balance that with the emotional.  It gets harder and harder to justify the improvement.  Cost accounting the parts is one way to convince us it is a bad buy even though we want it.

We like it, its not a good value, lets not buy it and we feel good about the decision........

Unlike some whom posted comments early in this thread i assume like most like myself would actually listen to said components in your own system to compare, However specifications and measurements is all they need to determine a components worth and measure of playback quality , actually listening for themselves isn’t how they do things ,,..

Its all some sort of comic act with this notion of a digital front end playback quality starts and ends with their choice , like this thread they are always some of the first to comment to tell you how foolish you are with your money, they are some sort of Ralph Naders of home audio I guess ,..

Then there’s the guys that claim with their technical skill they can build a server / streamer with off the shelf parts for a few hundred bucks that will rival and or surpass any brand on the market today ,

Though when asking them questions if they have their own server streamer they have actually compared with side by side the answers are no , however I’m sure some of these home hobby enthusiasts have built a great sounding server streamer though perhaps I missed it none of them claimed they have at least not on these forums. 
They always direct their dismissive ridicule on forums like this and never actually directly at the online reviewer with a open comment section below their review or even at the manufacturer themselves on any of their open comments on social media and what have you .

I have directed some of these guys to these open comments of the reviewer they berated including the manufacturer themselves and none of them showed up , how comical is that,..

djones513,529 posts02-10-2021 2:56pm "I believe the Taiko Taiko Extreme is one of the devices. I have not heard it but I have researched it. I grant that it does everything it claims. It looks to be a very well made streamer/server. Does it sound better than cheaper units? From what I’ve seen I doubt it very much"

You have not heard it - so your opinion is ... inane

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02-12-2021 1:54pm

"I disagree that he can tell the difference between a FLAC and WAVE file. A decompressed FLAC is identical bit for bit to the original WAVE file. "

You know so little