Take up drums at age 56?

I know this technically has nothing to do with high end audio but I know there are some drummers here that might be able to help me along here....or tell me to skip it altogether. And it does have to do with music.

I'm almost embarrassed to even post this. I'm 56. I have never played a musical instrument other than dabbling with a harmonica. I do not read music. I am certain that I'll never perform for anyone or play in a band.

But I've always wanted to play drums.

And now I have enough money to get a simple cheap used drum kit and I have a basement that is isolated enough to not bother the neighbors. (I actually have an acquaintance who refurbishes used drums who can probably hook me up).

So I have a couple of questions:

1) Can you teach yourself to play drums? Alone or with YouTube etc? Are actual lessons required? Can I skip the practice pad and start with a kit?

2) Is there any point? In other words, even if I were to learn to play are the drums the kind of instrument that you sit down and play for your own pleasure the way you would a guitar?

My realistic expectation is that I'd get a simple kit. Try to do something with it. Find that it is much harder to do than it looks, especially for a guy with two left feet. It sits in the basement for a while and then I sell it for a big loss but hopefully at least happy that I tried it.

Any other thoughts on the matter?

(If totally inappropriate for this site I have no problem removing the post.....especially if someone points me to a better site for the topic.)

That pretty much describes me. I don't think I'll ever be good but I'm having a lot of fun. Also learning a LOT. About drumming and technique of course but also about music in general, as well as about a lot of great drummers.

The thing that keeps me going is that at the level I'm at I am able to pick up most things if I stick to it and practice. There are a few things that my brain/body can't seem to master in the short term but even with those I feel like persistence would eventually work.

That's great to hear.  It's important that we have interests that take our minds off all the bad stuff going on in the world.  If you have any interest, you should check out some of the videos of orchestral snare drum playing.  Really amazing control at whisper-quiet dynamics and insane rhythmic shifts.  Like this:
Great video. Reminds me of Bernard Purdie's ghost notes. You can't even see his hand move.