Take the plunge into tubed CD player?

I am thinking of dumping my Sony 333ES (using as a tranport for redbook into a Monarchy 33 DAC via Monarchy DIP) and getting a one box tubed CD player, specifically the Jolida 100. Who amongst us has compared the Jolida (with or without mods) to some really good but more expensive CD players? My budget is $800 (used prices). I am looking for the smoothest analog sounding redbook player I can find which could also include the Music Hall player with mods.
I've been adding tubes to by system one step at a time over the last year.. I was concerned about it getting too tuby.. has not happened just kept getting smoother and more airy with not loss (to my ears) in highs, bass, or quickness... Give it a listen but I think you will like it. The jolida sounds nice but I went with the shanling t100.. they also make the music hall.
Try this post on audioasylum for my impressions of the overhyped Jolida:

I just heard the Metronome CDP in my system and it sounded pretty good for the used price of $1500 by passing my X-1 Pass preamp.
Try the Tjoeb 4000. Great sweet tubed sound. You can also ugrade as you choose. Cheap also.