Take the audiophile quiz!

Okay, folks. I've read the posts at this site long enough to prepare a quiz. Find out if you, too, are a True Audiophile! (Sorry the formatting is so bad.)

1) What most closely describes your job?
a) CEO of major software co.
b) Middle manager
c) sales dog.

2) Where do you spend most of your free time?
a) in my dedicated listening room.
b) playing with my kids.
c) surfin' and snowboardin'

3) When I fly, I always ...
a) bring my active noise-cancelling headphones
b) wonder why airport food is so expensive
c) fight with the flight attendant when she wants me to turn off my Rio Diamond

4) I drive a ...
a) BMW 750i, but only listen to the Nakamichi sound system to get stock updates
b) Ford Taurus -- wish the factory system wasn't so bad.
c) Tricked-out Civic stuffed with Kicker subs.

5) My favorite composer is
a) William Bolcom
b) Ludwig van Beethoven
c) who needs to compose when you can sample?

6) You should spend at least (blank) on cable
a) $5,000
b) $100
c) Depends on whether it comes with HBO and Showtime

7) My reaction to Stereophile:
a) I used to read it. Now the dealers in my area just loan me whatever I'm interested in hearing.
b) Hope to be able to afford something beyond Class D someday.
c) I may not know much about computers, but I know it's spelled "file," not "phile!"

8) When I see the word Classe, I think ...
a) okay for an office or bedroom system
b) ooh!
c) Not relevant anymore. I've been out of school for two years!

So how did you do? If your answers were:
1) Mainly A -- Congratulations. You've arrived. Let us give you this unopened copy of a Casino Royale LP to show our appreciation.
2) Mainly B -- Hang in there. Think used. Since the guy who answered all A's has a workspace as big as your living room, see if his office system is for sale.
3) Dude! Big sale at Radio Shack!
lol. Your post should be titled-"Waste of Space".
Actually, I was amused by the quiz. Thanks!
No matter how little they pay you- keep the day job!!
Tough crowd! Okay, let's try this. A duck walks into a bar ...
Not bad. One of the few pieces of audiophile humor I have ever read. Try submitting a sample of you work to Lisener magazine. This hobby could use someone who will help us laugh at ourselves.
Hey,Murph--Get yourself a mirror. Michael--You ain't Rodney Dangerfield,But,ain't it nice to be treated as if you were?? AND the joke is: A Horse walks into a bar;and the bartender says--Why the long face ? Me?? yabetcha, I"m keeping my good 4bucks a hour job.
I kinda enjoyed the survey, for those of you who took offense, lighten up. There's no reason why we shouldn't poke fun at ourselves, in particular, those of us that qualify as tweaks.
Thank you for your comments, Puddles, Murphy_t, and Jeffloistarca.