Take a massage:...

Recently I had to massage my neck that got stock and I couldn't turn it without helluva pain after some bad sleep I've had.
I used an electric massager and figured that my head is shaking pretty strong... Eventually I was lying on the inflatable mattress and put my head all the way down to the mattress and the shaking over my head is gone...

Does it make sence to use some kind of inflatable platforms or surfaces for turntables?
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Connect electric massager to turntable to cancel out jitter.
That's what the Arcici Airhead, the Seismic Sink and the Vibraplane are all about, as well as a homemade platform using silicone-filled inner tubes in a sand/lead base I've seen. Depending on the type of table and if it has a suspension or not, it could make very good sense, although some may point out that other materials, like acryllic or the Bright Star sand-filled bases, may do a better job of damping/isolating from vibrations.
.....it was your STOCK neck, if you had the latest mods this would never have happened
D'u know who does the mods best?
These guys seem to be dedicated to neck mods.

And, for the DIE... err DIY crowd.

Getting a job in Middle East can also do a similar mod...

OOPS Isn't THAT too political...?