Take a chance on Piegas?

I've been looking for the best sounding used speakers I can find under $3K, and came across an unusual pair this weekend, but I'm having trouble pulling the plug.  I've been expecting to end up with used Vandersteen 3a Sigs, as many have said they would go great with my current system: McCormack DNA1 Deluxe, Parasound 2100 pre (I know, weak link, but it works for me now), Benchmark Series 1, and Tidal or ripped CDs from Bluesound Vault. 

BUT -- this weekend I had a long listen to Piega TC50's with a tube pre, and thought I'd gone to audio heaven.  Problem is, I don't know how much of that was the setup, and how much was just an amazingly good first impression, after having heard many other speakers ranging from $5K-$12K (new), and feeling the PIega's exceeded or held their own.  The price is reasonable -- about $2K with shipping, which is roughly what they've been selling for in Europe; I haven't found any here in the States. 

Which brings me to the question: if I pull the plug and find they don't sound that good at home, would I find a market for them here?  Does anyone have any experience with them over more than a few days, and did they hold up over time? 
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Part of what your hearing must be speakers BUT it’s the tubes that  give them life!
@freediver -- Yes, I realize I will probably need to upgrade my preamp next, from solid state to tube, to get these speakers to sing like they did! It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make...
If you pull the plug and you don’t like them in your home you should plan on losing much if not all of the two grand. Stick with a speaker that is well known here in the USA. I doubt that many have heard of that brand and it would be a hard sell!
^^^ sound advice...The Ryan R610 is a pretty damn good speaker,$2000.00 new,about $1200.00 gently used..You might be able to find a pair of gently used Dynaudio Special 40’s at your budget...
Used speakers, even well-known major brand speakers, sell for a fraction of their original MSRP. My advice would be to spend that $3K budget on a used pair. You’re very smart to consider resale value in advance. Big brands, at big discounts, are what sell here on Agon as well as other sites. Don’t be seduced by some new company, without any history or track record of good service selling their products at cheap prices. They know what their product is worth better than anyone. As an example, I doubt that you would have any trouble selling those Vandersteens. 
Thank you all for your comments. What strikes me is that NO ONE from Audiogon (including the posts from pre-2011) seems to have direct experience with the TC50, although many have owned or heard other models of Piega. I still think they sounded great in the showroom, but what this tells me is I'm likely to have a terrible time if I ever want to sell them.
Years ago I had a pair of Piega P10s. An absolutely wonderful speaker. I can understand why you are smitten with those.

I have been using Piegas for 6 years I have the P4L with Croft epoch elite and twin star 1amps. Streaming from Melco and chord 2qute dac. I love the open spacious sound the vocals are amazing. I have just ordered blind the Piega classic 40.2 which arrive tomorrow. Can't wait to hook them up. I am using a mix of chord chorus inter connects and LFD speaker cable. Mainly listening to classic Rock. Can't wait. 
I would stick with a brand (foreign or domestic) that's well-known in the USA, particularly if you're concerned about resale value. Resale on the Piegas likely will result in a significant loss because there is essentially no meaningful market for them here.