Takamine EG561 with Bass Amp

did anyone try playing electro-acoustic guitar with bass amp? if it makes sence, can anyone recommend me the best model for budget and performance?
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Ill try this again..fender has a couple that might work(bdec-30)has effects...line 6 has the studio 110.That sounds right in the pocket$.Has 10 in,75 watt and some basic effcts...good luck.Stay away from peizo horn models!!
I tried the Fender G-dec 30, took it right back to the music store. Sounded sterile and lifeless to my ears, although the bells and whistles were fun. Line 6 sounds better. Tech21 makes better sounding inexpensive amps to my ears. What sort of music do you play and what kind of sound are you looking for? There are numerous inexpensive decent amps these days, but none of them are all things to all people.
heard about line-6 not once and would certainly look forward to audition it in the store with my own instrument. I love the rich sound comming out of my upper strings so that it would create multi-voicing extention of a single instrument with no sacrifice to the sound of hollow acoustic guitar body as oppose to solid body electric guitars.
Sounds like you might be better off sticking with something purpose designed for the task, a proper acoustic guitar amp. Do a little research at a good site like Elderly.com and then read up on the owner reviews at HarmonyCentral.com. Various effect pedals combined with a neutral amp should get you where you want to go. If you can't find an amp with reverb you like, a Peavy SRP-16 digital reverb is a great sounding, versatile pedal you can find on the used market with a little patience. The are many ways to get a mult-voiced effect; digital delays, loop stations, echo. You can entertain yourself pretty cheap buying used pedals on Ebay or the sales corner at HarmonyCentral.com. Resell 'em if you don't like what you hear.