Taipan Helix VX

I have on loan a Taipan Helix VX I am using on my Muse CDP. I am liking this PC as it provides a nice rich detailed sound. Can someone tell me how it compares to the Python Alpha VX or Python Helix VX? Or is there another PC you prefer for digital that is reasonably priced and why?

I used to have a Python Helix (non-VX) and overall I liked it except the soundstage was too far back in my system. I didn't like that so I sold it. The Taipan VX I have now does not have this characteristic.
I've used Alpha, Helix and Alpha-VX and Helix-VX versions of Taipan, Python and Anaconda. The Taipan Helix VX is a great cord. The Python Helix VX is quite frankly a much better cord and will do even more for you in terms of noise suppression (VX) and overall sound and video quality for transports, players, universal players, etc...
>Can someone tell me how it compares to the Python Alpha VX or Python Helix VX? Or is there another PC you prefer for digital that is reasonably priced and why? <

Yep… but I don’t want too.

OK… OK.. as you’re a long time member I’ll tell you what I’ve found out for myself.

You have one of those answers already as you used the Python Alpha previously. The THVX has less grain than the PA.

The THVX also has less bass prominence and a not as wide SS, nor is it quite so forward with it’s presentation as the PA’s.

Having tried the PHA & PHVX (briefly), the VX versions simply add greater quieting than do the Alphas. This comes at a cost in some folks mind’s. The leading edge of the notes are less gleaming, defined or merely appear less sharpened.

An alternative to the THVX might be any sort of cord designed expressly for noise reduction. There was some immense banter from the flavor of the month crew about the Lessloss pcs when they first came out and shortly thereafter came a different iteration and a price hike… or maybe it was just the price hike. that wave seems now gone back to sea once again.

The Python H & Hvx have none of the grain the former PA had. In fact I found the PHA almost as good a pc for digital as the VX iterations. It is far more refined and articulate. The distractive factor as you and I both have realized is the vast depth of it’s presentation… which can be accommodated by using other wires or different components.

I found also that if a few Taipan HA’s are in use (and I suspect too the THVX) one Python H could well be used to great effect without making the presentation more remote & distant. Like as a supply cord for a PLC which feeds those other Taipans.. Adding a Python HA will bring more resolution & detail along with a broader and deeper stage. Images will become far more outlined & separated from one another, appearing less crowded than without the Python interaction. Adding a PHA will unveil the musical cues and bring you more pop & snap.

The Taipans bring the harmonics more to the party, the Python HA bring the flash & dash. That’s the thing about the Taipan Helix’… with tubes they add a more robust harmonic color to the tones while still excelling at very good extension on both ends of the bandwidth. It’s hard to reproduce what the Taipan HA add to the mix.

Put a Taipan Helix on that int of yours … plug them both into another Haley, and feed the Haley with a Python HA and you should be set. Even plug the Big screen into it too. The post above about the Python HA doing great good for video is true, and is so with the Taipan HA to a bit lesser degree of course.

Alternatively you could stick with the Airsine on the int and add a Python HA in the aforementioned config and do pretty well too. Without the PHA though I suspect the presentation will be to buttery smooth and the resolution and detail notifications will be a tad more diminished, but that’s merely a presumption.

I’d also recommend trying out using the THVX directly from an outlet as well or instead of going into the PLC directly. The Hvx DON’T SEEM TO HAVE THAT ADJACENT CKT QUIETING AS DID THEIR FORMER SIBLINGS THOUGH AS I SUSPECT THE AMOUNT OF THOSE QUIETING BEADS INSIDE THE CORD ARE NOW FEWER.

Other cords for use with digital applications but maybe not expressly, and can be driven with or without a PLC.:
Elrod Sig II
JPS Digital
Voodoo Black Dragon
…and any number of others IF they’re run off of a good enough PLC even THA’s.

Good luck
OK does the Python Helix VX have the vast depth of presentation that the non-Helix VX does? The Taipan does NOT have this depth in either the VX or non-VX versions I do know.
Crap, I meant to say does the Python Helix VX have the vast depth of presentation that the Python Helix non-VX. Sorry about that.
The Python Helix series... alpha or VX, both have that same characteristic of being a rear of stage info cord... along with it's other attributes. The former, red, does not have such depth. Nor is it quite as refined and grain free as the Helix.

Previous to the helix the Taipan & Python cords exhibited very different presentations. Depth of stage wasn't one of them.
Thank you sir as always ;)

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