Tag McLaren Audio

Just wondered,what do you think of Tag home theatre stuff over in the US?
A lot of dealers over here in the UK say it is becoming difficult to sell Lexicon,Proceed(US to UK price conversion does not help)and Meridian due to the price,build/sound/picture quality ergonomics and foreward thinking philosophy(upgrade path)of TMA products
funny thing: on this side of the pond, many think the tma stuff is just about as reasonably priced as their F-1 chassis. nice designs and build quality but quite unlikely to make much of a dent in the us market. still, IMHO, good to see a "real" uk company in competition with all the yank wankers.- kelly
I own a Tag AV32R-EX and 5x100 and couldn't be happier. Tag's committment to upgrades is one of the reasons I chose them. As far as pricing, I feel they have the best pre/pro available for under 10K.
Rcupka, glad you are happy with your Tag and I wish you the best, but I still don't see the relationship between Formula One and audio. NASA may put men on the moon, but I wouldn't comission them to build my SACD player or preamp. As for the design, I think it is trying a little too hard. Over here in London, they seem to be struggling although it is displayed fairly prominently at Harrods.
I recently heard the Tag. It is very good and I do not think for the price anything can outperform it. But several processors are better but at significantly higher prices. It is doing well here in the U.S. from what I can see and rightly so. The dealers where I auditioned the Cal audio Labs components that I own has replaced his Cal stuff with Tag. I asked why. I was told that no the Tag stuff is not better than the Cal sonically but it is close enough considering the price and support that Tag offers. Also, he said the Tag was cheaper and easier to use. The Cal processor with a separate video switcher cost 7500.00 and the Tag only cost 4500.00 But the specs for the Cal audio Labs 2500 are better in every area than Tag. But it should be for the price difference. Tag saved money by using Analog devices chips like the Sharc the same one that is in the 1000.00 Denon 3801 reciever but it still works very well. Also if you want to keep up with the latest surround formats, Tag wins again. I am different from some and really only care about dolby digital and the preformance of my surround processor as a pre-amp. On both fronts I know that it outperforms the Tag. People are buying them for 3500.00 and that is a bargain with what you get for your money. Tag is going to continue to take market share from the other companies. I picky though and will stick with California Audio Labs as I care only about best performance for the formats I use and not bang for the buck.