Tag Help

I have 37GB of music in WAV that I need to convert to FLAC and tag. I use DBpoweramp to convert which is a snap but is there any program that will tag automatically or will I need to enter all that data manually for each song with Edit-IDtag? I feel a lengthy project coming on...
I use DB Poweramp myself for all my conversion--you can upgrade to a higher level (39 bucks a year or something like that) and get tagging from several different databases that loads when you hit refresh and before you rip and convert......go to their website.
Thanks Swanny. I do have the upgraded version and that works well when ripping however these are already files in WAV on a HD. I do not see any way to use that feature to tag them but maybe I am missing something...
Oh, now I see. In other words, your question is, can you get the metadata from WAV into FLAC, right? If you don't have the metadata in WAV, you won't get it across to another format, I believe. I don't use WAV so can't advise. I think that's a problem with WAV. Check Computer Audiophile--someone there probably knows. Good luck!

What software did you use to rip the WAV files? Were they tagged then? WAV files, unfortunately, don't have a standard way of having tags as we know them in FLAC or MP3, for instance, but there are sections of the WAV files dedicated to making notes. Some programs will utilize this, but there's not a standard way of dealing with the information.

If you use the same software to make the conversion from WAV to FLAC, you might be able to preserve this information (assuming you placed the tags in the first place).

Unfortunately you've just learned first-hand one of the huge downsides of the WAV format.