TADAC owners - which best 12au7 tubes?

TADAC owners. Which 12au7 tubes have you /tried used to replace the stock chinese tubes?
What has been your listening experience with the ones used?
Which tube do you find gives the best performance?
Your comments are appreciated!
I have used Mullard CV4003 in my TADAC. I bought them from upscale audio. this is their page for CV4003 with reviews at the bottom of the page. I am not good at writting what I hear so the reviews echo my own feelings on these tubes.

I just ordered a TADAC and would also appreciate input from other TADAC owners.

I have owned one for about 10 months. I first switched out the Chinese tubes for a pair of French Mazdas, recommended and bought from Brent Jesse. After about 200 hours of break-in, I noticed an increase in soundstage. About another 200 hours later, the soundstage had really opened up.

Looking for Nirvana, I bought a pair of Tele smooth plates from Brent Jesse again. I'm still in the burn in stage (about 250 hours), but find the detail a bit better than the Mazdas, but the soundstage has a way to go.

Great choice of DACs. I bought a used TADAC about a year ago and loved it so much I bought a new one from Paul for a second system (Cambridge 840A and Focal 807Vs). After a number of tubes (Tong-Sol, Radiotechnique, RCA, and Siemens) I chose Tele smooth plates due to their ability to create "air" around the music (the Tong-Sol and Siemens were close seconds due to their clarity, nice midrange, and tight non-boomey bass). However, the Teles also took the edge off female vocals without rolling off the highs and have solid bass as well. My main system is a Prima Luna Dialogue 2 with Dali MS5s. Both my systems can be bright on the top end with the wrong electronics and the TADAC is detailed without being bright (especially with the Telefunkens).

I found their was a big difference in digital cables with the TADAC. I started with Monster (crap - dull and rolled off), Audioquest (cheaper model - good detail but a little shallow sounding), Acoustic Zen Silver Byte (nice balanced cable top to bottom and could have easily been my final cable), finally chose Audioquest Eagle Eye due to a level of detail that was hard to find in other cables. It was a hard choice because I am not an Audioquest fan and really did not want to pick the Eagle Eye due to past experiences with Audioquest. However, in the end to my ears it just made the TADAC sing.

One big plus with the TADAC is that Paul is a class act.

I bought a TADAC from a fellow gonner and he had an extra set of Electro Harmonics as well as the stock tubes. Both sounded OK, but I figured things could sound better. I just put in a pair of the French Mazda tubes and I am very impressed (scratch that- extremely impressed) with what they have done for this DAC. Everything has improved after putting in the Mazda tubes- soundstage, macro and micro dynamics as well as being more musical.

Before I was getting some distortion in the vocals on certain recordings I believe the term is called microphony.Please forgive me if I got the term wrong this is my first go at tube gear. Anyway the distortion is now eliminated after putting in the Mazdas.
I bought 1962 Same Dated telefunken smooth here on Audiogon. What I noticed immediately was more pronounced and nuanced bass response. Everything sounds great but without going back and forth between tubes I can't describe the differences beyond the obvious improvement in bass in the initial listening. It's so good now, I no longer long for tube-rolling.... but when I get bored later, I imagine I may give another tube a chance - just for fun.
I have some RCA blackplates that have made a big improvement over the stock chinese. Another very nice tweak is the Herbie Audio Lab dampners. I now have a much cleaner top end! The preamp ultrasonic 9's. You have to cut them in half though so they can sit on top of the tubes.
Mazda (RT/RTC) are all incredible, across all types. It's uncanny really. I have some square getter wing plate 12AU7s I can't wait to roll into my new DAC.
I am using black glass Tung Sol's, sound great! I tried them after first trying standard NOS Tung Sol's which sounded so nice and clean, I figured the black glass variant was worth a try. Yes very nice vocals and clean sounding!

I noticed after getting rid of the stock Chinese tubes that the Tubiness knob was clean sounding through all it's range, and not distorting as it was with the original tubes.
I recently sent mine in for service (my fault, moving) and Paul replaced the chinese tubes with EH 12bh7's. Much, much better even out of the box.

I tried some E80CC's from Brent Jesse, but the TADAC didn't like them (tubes kept shutting down), and just traded them for Telfunken rib plates. Don't like them at all out of the box. Edgy sounding, and not as sweet and airy as the EH 12bh7's.

I'm new to tubes, and it seems the Tele's might need a bit to break in....
Hard to beat the Mullards and Telefunkens!

I believe the Mazda's are Mullards as well....

I have been using the Mullards for a couple years now and liquidy Mullards are a perfect fit! The TADAC is hard to beat for the money...........