TAD1000 Modifications - interested?

I recently bought a pair of these based on the great reviews I found on the internet & found them to sound quite old fashioned (wooly bass and rolled off treble). After my initial disappointment I looked at the circuit and made some changes. They are now sounding really great - in fact they sound like different amps. If anyone is interested, I will provide details of the changes. There are some design defects that are quite easily corrected.
Hello Raindance,

I have the TAD 60 and wonder if some of the mods you've done would apply to the TAD 60? I have not used my TAD 60 very much to do any serious auditioning yet, but was interested in your post. I imagine the two units would have similar issues, since I believe they share many of the same design architecture.

I do have a friend that owns the TAD 1000's and would also be interested in your findings.

Thank you very much.

Larry Dunmore
Janesville, WI

Audiogon user - Busman
It is possible - I'd need you to remove the bottom cover & send me some clear photographs of the interior in order to judge that... The issues I found were (1) the variable feedback circuit has some errors in it (2) there is insufficient power supply storage on the input and driver stages (3) the driver stage is poorly balanced phase-to-phase.