TAD RPO TSM-2201 is no more

These are amazing little speakers if set up right and this includes an amp that can deliver a significant amount of current. I bought a pair and have compared them in my main system powered by my Kinoshita HQS2500UPM power amp against my main-stay TAD 2204s. The price discrepancy is about 30 to 1 assuming you can locate NOS 2204s. Not surprisingly I prefer my 2204s but I was amazed by their performance and after listening to them for 1 month had to go back to my 2404s to make sure. The differences were then readily apparent but it proved to me how easily I could live with these wonderful little speakers and IMHO they are exceptional value. I like them so much that they will be replacing my long standing TAD TSM-300s in my second system and this will require me to also replace my Audion PX25 mono power amps with a suitable high quality transistor amp.

I was told last night by an informed source that TAD is going to stop production. What a poor decision. Highly recommended if you can find a pair.

Here is a link to the brocher:


Happy listening!
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Are these discontinued world wide or just in your market? Stopping production makes me assume that it's a global decision....


The decision is Global. But there are still a few around.

All the best