TAD Reference 1, Rockport Altair, EA MM3

I have long debated on which speakers I want to buy and the price range I do not want to exceed.

For some strange reason there doesn´t seem to be a barrier that says stop purely on price ;)

A while ago I had the opportunity to listen to the TAD Reference 1 for a whole day in a shop here in Stockholm. That was certainly the best I've heard
in my life, but the price tag was beyond what I ever thought about paying for a high talker.

Now I have the chance to buy a demopar of these speakers and I am very eager to strike.

Is there any reason to hesitate and test around other speakers?

Two other speakers that has long interested me, but there is no chance for me to listen to are:

Rockport Altair
Evolution Acoustics MM3

The impression I got from what I've read is that they are certainly candidates as "the last speaker."

The Rockports Altair is not available in Sweden, just the models under. The MM3 doesn´t not sell in Sweden.

Does anyone possibly have listened to all three or TAD and any of the others that may come up with some suggestions?

Altair and MM3, I'm able to buy used.

Grateful for any input!

Have a nice weekend
The TAD, with its beryllium drivers, is more forward than the Rockport, which mostly uses warm-sounding Audio Technology drivers (its tweeter is also beryllium). The MM3's is more neutral, its character falling in between the two.

The MM3's have a huge advantage with their powered, equalized sealed-box subwoofers, allowing them to be dialed in precisely and to work in a much larger number of rooms. I'm not dissing Rockports, which I think are tremendously good in terms of overall sound and build quality - it's just much tougher to dial in a ported speaker with 15" bass drivers. And the MM3's are at least as good as the Rockport in all other frequencies, can be dialed in, and can be driven with no feedback, lower powered amps because of the powered woofers, which is another real advantage.

Disclaimer: I own MM2's, but I've heard a lot of Rockports and a couple of pairs of TAD's.
I don't know how you could go wrong with the TADs. Every demo I have heard of those fabulous speakers thrilled me to the core of my audiophile being. ;-)

I also think they may hold their value a tad (whoops) more than the other two.

I am very envious.

I would pick the Rockports first, then the TADs, based on performance, build quality, and aesthetics. But it really depends on the associated equipment and the room. I do not sell any of these or any competing products.
I would also Tidal in your list.
Hi Melchor,

It ha been a while since last post, but was wondering what you ended up doing. i just gotma pair of R1s and wnated to find other owners to get their impressions while mine are still breaking in at very early stage.

Eelii08: You can get in touch with me at sebastian_clausin@hotmail.com
Any serious list of speakers in this class has to include the Vandersteen Seven. Perfect piston driver technology no one else can claim! Also a proud dealer
One issue with TAD is customer service, or lack thereof. I own the Reference 1's, and would like to have friendly interaction with the designers, as I do with many of my components in order to get the best possible performance. Unfortunately my emails and voicemails are never returned. Amazing, considering that I own their flagship product.